Greenville Workplace Slip and Fall Lawyer

Slip and fall accidents are one of the most common types of workplace injuries and comprise the majority of workers’ compensation claims. People can slip on slick floors, liquids, and ice or trip on loose flooring, extension cords, unsecured rugs, and other obstructions.

By law, most employers carry workers’ comp coverage, ensuring most employees have coverage for workplace injuries, but because the process of applying for and receiving benefits can be complex, you should seek counsel from a seasoned workers’ compensation attorney when you are injured at work. To find out more about these claims, contact a Greenville workplace slip and fall lawyer.

Slips and Falls in the Workplace

Slip and fall incidents can lead to severe injuries, including broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Even when employers have workers’ compensation insurance, they must eliminate or reduce the workplace hazards that can lead to these accidents.

Any worker is at risk for slip and falls, but not every worker has the same risk. These accidents are more likely at construction sites and in workplaces involving a lot of movement, like restaurants or warehouses, because moving more increases an employee’s chance of slipping or tripping. Workers who need to climb for their jobs are at a heightened risk and may be more likely to fall and sustain severe injuries due to lower stability.

Parking lots can also be hazardous when they are slippery from oil residue or ice. Anything that helps people change levels – ramps, elevators, escalators, and stairs – provides fall risks, especially if the railings are loose or broken.

Trips are as risky as slips. People can trip over anything left on the floor, like debris, power cords, and hazards that often signal employer negligence such as loose boards, loose carpets, and uneven floors.

For workers’ comp claims, the employee does not have to establish negligence and prove the employer was at fault. They only have to prove the injury occurred at work. A Greenville slip and fall lawyer can explain how workers’ compensation laws impact those claims.

Must Be at Work to Have a Claim

One of the main requirements in a workers’ compensation claim is the injury must occur at work. Injuries during a worker’s commute are not generally covered unless they are engaging in a work-related task, such as running an errand for their job, gassing up a company vehicle, or traveling through a dangerous area as directed by their employer.

When a person has questions regarding whether they were at work at the time of their injury, they should speak with an attorney in Greenville who handles workplace slip and falls. Although the requirement is relatively strict, there are exceptions.

Other Potential Remedies

Because the state requires most employees to have workers’ comp coverage, employees cannot usually file a personal injury lawsuit against an employer. However, not all workers are considered employees, such as independent contractors who are not covered. Furthermore, when a third party caused the hazardous condition, an employee might have a personal injury claim against them.

A lawyer can provide information regarding other potential remedies for a Greenville workplace slip and fall. Generally, filing a workers’ comp claim will not preclude a person from seeking recovery from third parties.

Meet With a Greenville Attorney Handling Workplace Slip and Falls

Workers’ compensation is supposed to simplify an employee’s claim for a workplace injury, but sometimes the insurance company denies a rightful claim. A Greenville workplace slip and fall lawyer can help you with the claims process, including filing a claim and helping you appeal any denials. Schedule a consultation to find out more.