Greenville Crush Injury Lawyer

You work hard to earn a living, whether by driving a truck, putting in hours at the manufacturing plant, teaching, or building houses. When you sustain a significant injury from being crushed in an accident, you deserve to receive a fair settlement to cover your lost wages and medical expenses. You could navigate the web of requirements to file and defend a benefits claim on your own, but an experienced workers’ compensation attorney could get the job done for you.

A Greenville crush injury lawyer could help you gather the necessary paperwork to request compensation and make sure your employer follows the law. The founding attorneys at Eller Frye have almost 40 years of combined experience fighting for those hurt while working for their employers in many industries. Focusing our practice on helping wounded employees get the settlement they deserve enables us to provide a high level of service and knowledge that other firms may not.

Causes of On-the-Job Crush Injuries

Many types of accidents may cause a worker’s limbs or torso to be crushed. For example, the person may get into a T-bone collision because a drunk driver ran a red light. Heavy equipment may malfunction, or a builder may lose their footing on scaffolding. Additionally, miscommunication and negligence may cause a scenario like a trucker getting pinned down by a tractor-trailer.

Whatever the cause of the incident, someone in Greenville who sustains broken bones, soft tissue damage, paralysis, and nerve injuries because they are crushed in an accident could benefit from hiring a knowledgeable lawyer. Unlike their employer and the workers’ compensation insurance provider, an attorney truly has the injured person’s best interests at heart in their fight to secure a settlement.

What Financial Award Could Someone Get for Job-Related Harm?

As discussed in Title 42 of the South Carolina Code Annotated, workers’ compensation may be available to an employee hurt while doing their job. To qualify for benefits, the person may have to prove that they are covered or should be covered under the state’s job injury laws. Likewise, they may need to show they were working when the incident occurred or that their injuries are related to their employment.

The available benefits depend on the specific circumstances and applicable law, but the employee may be eligible to receive money to supplement their lost income while they are healing or disabled. The exact amount they qualify for depends on the type and severity of their injury. For example, under S.C. Code Ann. § 42-9-10, someone who is totally disabled may receive up to 66.67% of their average weekly wages for 500 weeks.

Severe crush injuries can create emotional stress, threaten someone’s life, and result in hefty medical bills. A lawyer in Greenville could help the worker and their family members seek relief by fighting for every penny they deserve under the job injury laws.

Reach Out to a Greenville Attorney for Help Seeking a Settlement for a Crush Injury

When you experience a severe loss from getting pinned down or crushed in an accident, you may require extensive medical and financial assistance to help you heal. While workers’ comp laws provide a pathway for you to receive a fair settlement for your losses, your employer and their insurer may make getting these benefits challenging. Let us handle the red tape and formalities of seeking a monetary award so you can focus your attention on your recovery.

Our firm has stood by nurses, truckers, teachers, construction workers, and others when a job-related accident has turned their lives upside down. With decades of experience and hands-on training, we could help lift your voice and connect you with what may be rightfully yours. Call us to schedule a no-obligation consultation with a Greenville crush injury lawyer.