Greenville Product Liability Lawyer

We all use an incredibly wide range of products every day, usually without much thought. You should expect to use the tools, appliances, and technologies necessary for daily life to meet your needs and do what they are designed to do without incident.

Sometimes, however, things go wrong. You may incur extensive medical costs when a product injures you. When your injury was due to a mistake or carelessness from the product’s seller or maker, you have the right to hold them responsible for your losses and get help from a knowledgeable personal injury attorney. A Greenville product liability lawyer could help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Categories of Defects

Not every person injured while using a product can file a lawsuit against its manufacturer or seller because the product must be the direct cause of the harm. In addition, compensation may not be available to an injured person when they were using the product in a manner other than intended or anticipated by the product’s makers or when certain harms related to the use of the product are commonly known to be associated with the type of product.

The injured person may be able to receive compensation when the injury occurred because the product was defective in some way. Several different types of defects are often seen in product liability suits.

First, a product may be designed so poorly that it creates an unreasonable risk to the user even when built and used as intended. Second, a product is designed properly but a defect occurs during the manufacturing process, which leads to danger when using the product. For example, a substandard material or contaminant may be inadvertently added to the product while it is being built. Finally, a product may be considered defective when the manufacturer knows of certain dangers that can result from using their product but does not adequately warn the end user of those dangers or instruct the user on how to avoid those dangers.

An attorney in Greenville with experience handling product liability cases could investigate and evaluate an injured person’s situation to determine whether any defects occurred.

Defective Products

Any product could be the subject of a product liability case, but some types frequently cause issues more than others, including:

  • Medical devices
  • Power and lawn tools
  • Cars, particularly SUVs
  • Cribs, strollers, and car seats
  • All-terrain vehicles or 4-wheelers
  • Household chemicals and cleaning products
  • Medications, pharmaceuticals, and prescriptions
  • Safety features within a vehicle, such as airbags or seatbelts

The injuries caused, and the process for determining whether a defect was present can vary widely depending on the type of product. However, a Greenville lawyer could help an injured person determine how the product they were using led to their injuries and whether the manufacturer is liable.

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After a serious injury, you likely have a lot on your plate. In addition to recovering from your physical injuries, you may have to deal with the logistics and paperwork of an insurance claim, the costs related to your medical treatments, and missing time from work. A Greenville product liability lawyer could help you manage the process by investigating the accident, negotiating with the insurance companies, and advising about your legal rights.

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