Greenville Workplace Shoulder Injury Lawyer

Even though a shoulder injury may not seem extreme, it can significantly impair your ability to function. Recovery will almost always involve lifting and general movement restrictions, which can place things like typing off limits, as well. Many people are unable to return to work, even light-duty work, for lengthy periods.

When you have a shoulder injury, a seasoned workers’ compensation attorney could help you benefits from your employer’s insurer, which should pay for medical treatment, lost wages, and any permanent disabilities. A Greenville workplace shoulder injury lawyer could help you understand your benefits and eligibility.

Shoulder Injuries

Anyone can hurt their shoulder at work, including workers who do heavy lifting, work above shoulder height, work in awkward positions, use jackhammers or other heavy equipment that vibrates, or engage in repetitive motion tasks.

People can experience acute injuries like rotator cuff or tendon tears, sprains, strains, fractures, and dislocated shoulders, or long-term injuries such as bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis, frozen shoulder, impingement, and peripheral nerve impairment.

For minor injuries, people may need rest, anti-inflammatory medications, and minor physical therapy, but those with major injuries may need surgery and may never regain full functioning. Employees should visit a doctor as soon as possible when they have an injury, but employers may be able to dictate which doctors their employees can visit. A workplace shoulder injury attorney in Greenville could help explain those requirements.

Weeks Per Injury

South Carolina Code § 42-9-30 recognizes the shoulder as a separate body part instead of a portion of the arm and sets the maximum value at a higher amount than arm injuries. Oftentimes, doctors will issue impairment ratings for shoulder injuries that only apply to arm injuries and need to be converted to a higher percentage.

Understanding the appropriate way to rate these injuries is critical when people want to understand their potential benefit range. A Greenville lawyer who handles workplace shoulder injury claims could guide workers on the typical impairment rating and weekly benefits associated with specific types of claims.

Get Help With a Workplace Shoulder Injury Case From a Greenville Attorney  

For many, the workers’ comp process is simple and straightforward, but when it is not, an attorney could help. When you feel like your employer is not taking your claim seriously, they fail to file your claim, their doctors are not providing adequate treatment, or their insurance company is minimizing your claim, you need counsel from a Greenville workplace shoulder injury lawyer. Schedule a consultation today.