Greenville Repetitive Motion Injury Lawyer

When it comes to workplace accidents, people usually envision large, catastrophic events that occur at dangerous jobs involving heavy machinery or toxic chemicals. 

But not all injuries at work fit that description. Even if you work in an office and have not experienced a traumatic accident, you may have received an injury simply from repeating the same tasks or motions. These injuries should not be dismissed—they can have a profound impact on your health and quality of life and, in some circumstances, may be permanent. 

You deserve to be compensated for injuries you sustain at your place of work, no matter whether the injury occurred in one large accident or slowly over time. A Greenville repetitive motion injury lawyer could assess your case, evaluate your claim, and seek financial compensation to help you recover for your losses.

What Are Repetitive Motion Injuries?

A repetitive trauma injury could occur in many types of employment, but they are especially common in fields such as manufacturing, hospitality, education, and public safety. Activities that commonly lead to these types of injuries are similarly varied, but several common causes include:

  • Frequent typing
  • Repetitive arm or hand motions
  • Regular bending, twisting, or reaching
  • Frequent lifting of heavy, or even light, objects
  • Long hours or insufficient breaks in a workday
  • Sitting at a table or desk without proper back or neck support
  • Working with tools or instruments that vibrate or shake when used
  • A lack of job rotation, especially in assembly line or manufacturing jobs

These actions can lead to a wide variety of health issues, including problems with the neck, back, shoulders, or wrists. Issues with the nerves, joints, or other body parts are also possible—such as tendonitis or arthritis. A Greenville repetitive motion injury attorney could help an injured person determine whether their health issues stem from the activities they regularly complete at their workplace, and whether those issues are compensable.

Deadlines to File a Claim

The workers’ compensation laws in South Carolina set hard deadlines for how long an injured employee has to notify their employer and, if needed, file a workers’ compensation claim after an accident occurs. For repetitive trauma injuries, however, there is no one specific accident or event that caused the injury, so having an objective and clear deadline is more difficult.

Yet, there are still time limits related to the injured person’s potential claim. For example, South Carolina Code § 42-15-20 provides that, for repetitive trauma injuries, the injured person must give notice to their employer within 90 days of the date that the injured person would have discovered the injury if they had acted with reasonable diligence. Similarly, South Carolina Code § 42-15-40 provides that an injured person must file a workers’ compensation claim regarding their repetitive trauma injury within two years after the injured person knew or should have known that they had a claim; however, the claim must also be filed within seven years of the last time the employee was exposed to the conduct or activity that led to their injury.

Because the application of these deadlines for a repetitive motion injury can change depending on the individual’s circumstances, it is critical for the injured person to have a local Greenville lawyer help them as soon as possible. Preparing for and filing a strong claim can take time and effort, so it is best to begin the process early.

Call a Greenville Attorney After a Repetitive Trauma Injury

Not all injuries are obvious, tied to a specific event, or require lengthy hospital stays. But subtle injuries that occur over time can still have an overstated impact on your life, and you deserve compensation for them.

A qualified attorney could help you investigate and analyze your situation to see whether your injury is eligible for compensation, advise you on your available options, and assert your rights to be paid a fair amount for what your injury has cost you.

Schedule an initial consultation with a Greenville repetitive motion injury lawyer today to learn more.