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Buses are a great method of transportation because they are affordable and environmentally efficient. Unfortunately, buses sometimes collide, and the injuries sustained in the wreck are often serious, both for other vehicles involved in the collision and for the bus’s passengers, who likely do not have access to common safety devices like airbags or seat belts.

A Greenville bus accident lawyer could help when you have sustained an injury. An experienced personal injury attorney could help you protect and assert your legal right to receive compensation for the losses resulting from your injuries.When you have sustained an injury, a Greenville bus accident lawyer could help. An experienced personal injury attorney could help you protect and assert your legal right to receive compensation for the losses resulting from your injuries.

Responsibility for Accidents

A further complication of a bus wreck is that more parties are likely involved than in a car accident. For example, several different parties could end up being responsible for a bus crash, including:

  • The bus driver
  • The bus’s owner or operator
  • A unit of state or local government
  • Another driver on the road at the time of the crash
  • The company that designed or manufactured the bus
  • The company responsible for the bus’s maintenance

Any legal claim after an injury should be filed against the party ultimately responsible for causing the injuries. A Greenville attorney with experience representing people injured in bus accidents could investigate the crash and analyze the results to help an injured person determine the cause of the wreck and who is responsible for it.

Claims Against Government Entities

In some circumstances, the party ultimately responsible for a bus wreck could be a governmental entity, such as a city that did not repair a pothole that caused a bus accident. Unlike private citizens, governmental entities are not responsible for compensating people injured by their negligent, careless, or reckless actions, which the law calls “sovereign immunity.”

The state has waived sovereign immunity occasionally for certain harms a governmental entity or employee may cause to a private citizen. A bus crash attorney in Greenville could help a person injured on public transportation understand whether sovereign immunity applies in their circumstance.

Even when sovereign immunity is waived for a particular accident, it is important to note the amount of losses the government is responsible for covering is limited. Per South Carolina Code of Laws Section 15-78-120, no one can recover more than $300,000 from the government as a result of a single accident, regardless of how many losses the injured person incurred. In addition, this statute provides that the government will not be responsible for more than $600,000 in total from a single incident, regardless of how many people were injured.

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When you receive a serious injury because of another person’s careless, negligent, or reckless actions, you do not deserve to bear the costs of that injury on your own. An attorney could help you investigate the wreck, understand your options, and protect your legal rights.

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